Sunday, July 5, 2015

Revisiting The (green) $6 Table

I've been wanting to post some updated photos of the green table for a while now and only just today got around to snapping some shots! The old photos have been quite popular on pinterest, but I must admit how it has always bothered me that those pictures were taken in the driveway in my parent's house because I had nowhere else to put the dang thing! This green table has been to two different apartments in Houston with us and is now with us back in Tennessee. Please pardon the tattered hand-me-down chairs that used to be bar-height (that my husband and I hacked down to this size with a handsaw). The missing two chairs are currently being used to barricade the dog from going upstairs. We live an illustrious life here :)

If you need a refresher on The $6 Table, here is the first post I did about it. The Annie Sloan chalk paint (in Antibes) has held up great over the years and has made moving a lot less stressful since scuffs and small abrasions really only add to the look.

Original state, pretty rough

The original stain was unfinished and so dark that it obscured the grain. Once I redid it, it looked gorgeous

Here's a gratuitous shot of my lovely flowers and that gorgeous grain that looks even better with more light.

Hope you've enjoyed the new pictures and that perhaps they make a little more sense in an actual house instead of a driveway! I know I also feel curious about how my DIYs are going to hold up over time, so I'm happy to report that this chalk painted piece finished with wax has held up magnificently.