About Hannah Leigh

Welcome! This blog is a casual journal that I started as an outlet to show friends and family what I was up to. Enthusiasm for chalk paint was beginning to bloom in 2012 and a lot of people were curious about it! I started sharing photos of my chalk painted garage-sale finds and from there it has grown to include other things I have created, whether that be an old spool coffee table or a black bean burger. I have also been known to wax poetic, so you will occasionally find some non-project related musings on here, too.

As for me personally, I was born and raised near Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout my life so far, I have traveled to amazing places and have even been privileged enough to live abroad for a time. Nothing calls like home, though. I am married to a wonderful man and we have the sweetest furchild, whose pictures will likely work themselves into my posts. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years and I have an appreciation for natural/organic and sustainably produced food. I love going to the farmer's market, but mostly because people like to ask about my dog and there's aways a donut truck (I have an insatiable sweet tooth!). I struggle with chronic daily headaches, and often migraines, which prevent me from enjoying things I used to love. I am learning to cope, however, and am hoping to someday have a handle on it. My next biggest personal project is working each day on being a kinder and less judgmental person. I also struggle with using an inappropriate number of exclamation points per paragraph and using too many parenthetical interjections (I'm pretty proud of the ! : . ratio in this bio, by the way).

In regards to our home and future projects on this blog, we are still renters, which lends a certain transience to anything I might want to do to our home. I'm also limited on the types of modifications I can do (landlords really frown on cutting into walls and painting cabinets). We are hoping to buy a house in East Tennessee in the next year or so and we are (I am) super pumped to have a house of our own that we can ruin adorn with ambitious amateur DIY projects! That will hopefully be coming soon.

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