Friday, April 20, 2012

The Littlest (and probably cutest) Desk Plant

     Whew, feels like there's a bit of pressure on this first post! Although to be quite honest I don't expect much traffic. I'm just here to write a bit and share the things that I'm working on, the things that excite me and make me smile. Like this adorable little succulent (of the genus Echeveria) that I absolutely couldn't leave Home Depot without yesterday! I've spent a lot of time there recently for various projects (which I shall expand on in future posts) and meandered into the plant section. I found myself trying to leave with, I kid you not, an armful of succulents (those funny little plants with weirdly thick and juicy leaves). In short, I left with just this single, darling little plant. I painted a little pot for it and it sits happily on my windowsill. As it looks very lotus-like to me, it brings me a sense of serenity and a smile every time I catch sight of it. Unfortunately, I have not been blessed with a green thumb. In fact, it has been said I have a brown thumb (lets not be gross now). We'll see how long I can keep it alive! :)


  1. By now I guess you have found out the cute little plant is a Hen and chick... I don't know what the botanical name is. They are an outside succulent and they proliferate... lots of spreading.. with what else "chicks.." Hence the name..hen and chicks. I have massive amounts in my rock garden. I visited your site for the first time today..and I love it.

    1. You know I grew up hearing my mom talk about 'hens and chicks', in fact she has an old birdbath turned into a planter filled with them in her garden. I don't know why I never connected two and two! Hers do look a little different though, maybe they are a different variety? Anyway, I'm not so lucky as you, they don't proliferate too well on my watch! Lol
      I'm so glad you enjoyed looking around my blog :)