Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ways in Which my Little Sister Kicks Ass in the Kitchen

My little sister Mia is a wiz in the kitchen. She has always been like that. She's 9 years younger than me and plenty often when I come downstairs in the morning she'll offer to whip me up a fantastical omelette (I mean, she won't call it fantastical but what else do you call an omelette with 10 primo ingredients and feta cheese?). It's bizarre to me how inventive and comfortable she is in the kitchen, I admire it (envy more like). Perhaps being utterly outshone by someone so young contributes to my "domesticated" insecurities? Quite likely. But I won't complain, because she fills the house with yummy new dishes and just recently put together an awesome recipe for homemade Lara Bars. It's ridiculously easy and equally tasty.

P.S. Has anyone else tried to get a recipe from a chef before? It's remarkably difficult, like squeezing a confession from a suspect! I know it's because they don't use recipes per se (the chefs, not the suspects), but sheesh! Talk about hard to get. But I did, so here it is:

Mia's Homemade Lara Bars

1.5 cups dried dates, diced
1 cup almonds, chopped finely (food processor)
2-3 T raw sesame seeds

PLUS one or more of the following:
     chocolate chips
     dried cherries
     peanut butter chips
     coconut flakes
     chopped nuts
     other dried fruits
(Really, you can add anything you see fit. My favorite is chocolate chips with dried cherries!)

All you do to prepare these is to knead together all the ingredients and push into a small pan, like a small brownie pan or tupperware. Done!
     Note: Mia suggested kneading together just the dates, almonds and sesame seeds and then pressing the additional ingredients into the bar after it is in a pan, but I prefer them more incorporated. Whatever floats your boat! 

These homemade Lara Bars are super simple, healthy, delicious and naturally sweet (no sugar added obviously). Perfect! And if you really wanted to, you could always add chia seeds too.... :)

The following picture is from 2008, so it's evidently quite old but she is not only squeezably adorable but also sooo young and inventing a recipe with beets. Who does that?? Most kids won't even eat the stuff! I won't even eat the stuff! And I'm, um, an adult...

Badass from the start.
Love you Mi!

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  1. gonna try the Lara Bars, definitely.....the references to and picture of Mia are just too cute! Aunt A