Thursday, May 17, 2012

Farmer's Market weekend

Last weekend the bf and I checked out the Franklin farmer's market, despite the dreary wet weather, and met up with my wonderful godparents. We enjoyed the most delicious donuts I have EVER tasted in my life, pumpkin in fact, from Ellie's Old Fashioned Doughnuts. They were hot, fresh, and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Good lord. We had seconds.

Those donuts were certainly my favorite part about the farmer's market, but my second favorite thing there was this poor little dog:

I hope you can tell, but in case you can't, it's a Pomeranian in a diaper. Why a dog needs a diaper, I can't imagine. I mean I do understand the frustration of a dog's natural tendency to embarrass his owner and poop in public places, never in the yard when you let him out first, but I would never ever want to change a hairy dog diaper. But this blog was not supposed to contain poop-talk, so lets move on! The bf suggested it could be because the dog is in heat, but who knows. I just enjoyed giggling every time I spotted the poor thing!

Update: apparently the dog was in heat. Enough said.

I also really enjoyed taking my pooch with us, she can't get enough of going on outings and she absolutely loves riding in the car--she usually curls up like a little lamb and falls asleep before we're out of the neighborhood.

For mother's day, I picked out a really neat "living salad" for my sisters to give to my mom since I already had a gift. Essentially this living salad consists of a cluster of little lettuce plants surrounding a tiny chive plant. The idea is to keep it on your porch or in your kitchen and to pick the lettuce from the outside of each plant, leaving the new leaves in the center untouched so the plant can continue to make you salad. Kind of a neat idea!

Clover and Pookie hanging out by the living salad bowl. They both tried to eat it actually

Now here is the picture I want to leave you with---my 20+ pound cat Pookie has been on a diet for years and actually gained weight. He's essentially a hairy bowling ball. I've caught him eating dog food when he thinks he's alone and when I was taking these pictures he tried desperately to eat the chives out of the living salad. I pushed him away and he roamed around the patio nibbling different plants until I found him voraciously tearing away at the grass, at which point I caught this moment. Here's your chuckle for the day :)


  1. That is an awesome pic of pookie. And wtf, a dog in a diaper?

  2. So... have any of you seen How To Train Your Dragon?
    ...Pookie looks like Toothless. Epic picture

  3. How funny of you to say that-- it's exactly what my family said when we watched it! Pooks really does look just like Toothless in this picture :)

  4. A lot of people will put on a diaper of sorts for a female dog that is in heat. Kinda like wearing your maxi pad in public.