Saturday, May 26, 2012

How My Garden Grows

Hello! I've been working tons lately (at my job that is) and will be working even more in the coming weeks, so work on my projects will suffer and I probably won't have much exciting to post about :( However, the past few days I've been throwing all my extra time into a super secret project I'm really excited about. If you're reading this and know what I'm talking about, please don't comment anything revealing here or on fb! It has to be a surprise. I have splinters down my shins and in my hands, but pending any absolutely disastrous accidents of bad taste/ugliness or actual accidents (there's always a decent chance for any of those), it should be done and revealed in due time and should be duly awesome!

The only other thing worth commenting on (or not, really), is how much my charming little succulent has grown since my first post! I would make some horrible, trite connection between the germination of this plant and the development and maturation of my blog, but that'd be so less cute than this picture! (actually, I need to know--am I the only one who regards plants with the capacity to be cute? positively adorable? I might be crazy)


So much bigger! I haven't even watered it (oops)

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