Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming Projects

Now that I have FINALLY completed the table, it's time to start collecting more things to work on! I've already done most of the work on an Ethan Allen chair project, all that's left is recovering the cushions which I'm putting off because I don't like to measure and sew very much (well, mostly measure to be honest). I also have a dresser project in the works, it just needs some wax and a consensus on the knobs, which have been immensely polarizing. I have been garage sale-ing before work on the weekends like an addict (what can I say, really) and have started a little collection of things to work on.

My next small project will probably be this mirror that I picked up last weekend. The finish is really ugly and as I was taking pictures of it I realized that the molded designs are off-center! It doesn't bother me much though, and what drew me to this mirror was the potential to look really neat with dark wax and also that it appears to be pretty old, as it is thick and heavy and resembles in some ways a big vintage mirror my mom has.

I think this mirror will require that I upgrade my dark wax method, but I really can't shell out $35 for a special brush now (or really ever, that's crazy) so I'm going to have to fanangle myself some sort of imitation. I'll let you know how that turns out!

 If you're like most people, you're looking at this decrepit, flaky window and thinking "what in the world could you do with that?!" and probably also "be careful, that's likely lead paint!" in which case you're probably right, but back to the main question--it has been in the back of my mind for years now as this dilapidated piece has sat in my garage. And then inspiration struck! I chanced upon a similar project in which a diy-er made an old window into a vintage looking mirror. She went more for a mercury glass/antique mirror look, which could look really nice for this window. I still need to finish scraping off layer after layer of flaking paint and then paint it something else, but I'm excited to find this old friend a new look and a purpose. I haven't yet decided what to do about the missing panes, I honestly dislike measuring/messing with stuff enough that I might just knock out the one remaining pane on the bottom right to make it even and just leave it like that :)

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  1. Or if you like another opinion, I could see knocking out all the panes and putting a big mirror on the back maybe.... And instead of scraping, try chalk paint that requires no scraping, just a thought..... Love your little blog....