Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ben Ozburn: Photographer

This handsome guy drinking a beer is my dear friend Ben Ozburn. He is an immensely talented photographer and has most recently been documenting the natural beauty in Scotland. Photos from his recent posts have just taken my breath away and I wanted to share them! Take a peek at his photographs--I particularly like the boat ones from the Red Castle post, scroll down a bit for those.

As for myself, I'm still a bit sick and working/attending medical interpreter training classes so nothing new to report on the furniture front. I actually think the sinus infection was probably due to the 10+ hours I spent stupidly power-sanding the super secret (and formerly super dusty) project in a badly ventilated garage stall without a mask. Needless to say I have learned my lesson! Safety first, unless it's reeeeeally inconvenient. Just kidding, I never want to feel this sick again. I picked up a SARS mask or w/e they're called at the dr's office so I'll have that for future sanding endeavors :)

Have a lovely week

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